Injection Production and Blow molding Saloons

Injection Production Saloon

Injection production saloon adjacent to the molding unit and using its technical support, with the following facilities

Production of injectable parts in both ways, Cold Runner and Hot Runner

Injection machines up to 300 tons

The possibility of producing all kinds of double color lids, child lock and other up-to-date products for use of detergents industrial pharmaceutical industrial

The possibility of producing cylindrical canisters and creams with their lids

Blow Molding Saloon

 The facilities for producing blow molding containers used in our company have the following features

Equipped with automatic Deflasher to avoid quality fluctuations due to manual removal

Multi-Layer (Up to 4 Layers) and Transparent Line Gage

Possibility to produce dishes by labeling inside the mold. IML

Also, the flow of work and circulation of materials in the Blow molding saloon is in accordance with the rules of safety and preservation of health standards (medicines, edible, etc.).

The use of second-hand materials is only such that it does not harm the standard of health and the quality of the manufactured containers

Our approach is the production of machinery along with the training and working conditions and welfare of operators